Automobile Crashes – Insurance carriers spend a small fortune every day, inundating us with advertisements in an effort to convince us they care about us, and are there to help. Unfortunately, their real allegiance is to their stockholders, and to their bottom line.

Let the professional staff at James R. Gregory, PC navigate the myriad of obstacles standing between you and a fair and just recovery. While you focus on healing from your injuries, we will closely monitor the insurance companies’ processing of your claim, protecting you from simple foot-dragging to outright unlawful behaviors.

Don’t let the profit motive of Big Insurance detract from your quality of life. Take advantage of our years of experience and unparalleled customer service.

Criminal Defense – Few cases are more important, and have greater potential to cause lifelong impact, than accusations of crime. While we want to have faith in “The System” to dispense just results, this is too often not the case. From the initial police interview to trial, our criminal justice system is geared toward one purpose. . .conviction and punishment.

James R. Gregory began conducting criminal trials while a third year law student, and handled thousands of cases as a public defender in downtown Portland. There is no substitute for the experience an attorney gains in the high stakes, high pressure environment of indigent defense. James made the most of that time, developing a reputation among judges and prosecutors as a professional, capable, and trustworthy advocate.

When accused of a crime, time is of the essence. Don’t delay and “hope for the best”. . .many criminal cases are won or lost before they are even charged.  Call us for a free consultation today.

Police Misconduct – We would all like to believe that the vast majority of our police officers are public servants, acting in good faith and trying their best to “do the right thing.” Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Police and other government officials have a tremendous amount of power, and misuse of that power can wreak havoc on innocent lives.

James R. Gregory, PC are not afraid to stand up for your civil rights if the police have broken the law. We believe that protecting one citizen from unlawful police action protects us all, and we attack these cases with all the tools at our disposal.

If you believe that your rights have been violated, call us today, and we will discuss how to best enforce your constitutional rights.